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United We Stand

Liberty / Safety
ALL Americans

Together making El Cajon strong

RESULTS.​  endorsed by Joel Anderson, Bob McClellan, Carl DeMaio, Harold Brown

Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors,
Latin American Political Association, STAR BALES
Enough of the El Cajon 
"good old boys club"
We Stand with the safety of the community and Law Enforcment
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El Cajon City


Newt says he is elated by the campaign

Leadship and Visionary Award for our work with East County Chamber of Commerce
June 14, 2013

Company of the Year Award
As voted by clients and citizens.  Cabrera and Asscociates was voted the best company with customer satifaction and ethical standards.

Feb 01, 2016

Senate Outstanding Achievment Award
Senator Joel Anderson.

Feb 01, 2016

County of San Diego Procalmation Honoring Humbert Cabrera Day
As awarded by the Supervisors of the County of San Diego.

Feb 01, 2016

God Bless America and the Citizens and Families of El Cajon

Only the people of El Cajon can make it strong again! That is why my family and I work together with so many groups in East County and throughout San Diego.  By working together, we can accomplish so much.​

>  Citizen of the Year

>   Past President of Rotary Club

​>   Salvation Army Board member

​>   CASA (community action service           

.     advocacy)  Board of directors

​>   LAPA (Latino American Political

.    Association) member

​>   Chamber of Commerce member

​>   Elks Lodge member

​>   Small business owner

>   Government Affairs Committee

​>   Volunteer for ECP, St Madeline Sophie's

.    center, Home of guiding hands, St John .    of the Cross church and more.

>   East County Business of the Year

>   Homeless Task Force

>   National Latino Peace Officers Association (Member)   ​

Humbert Cabrera named

As the East County Citizen of the Year, we are compelled to work together in order to provide for better communities.  I am humbled that I was awarded by  Representative Duncan Hunter's office. Also by State Senator Joel Anderson's Office, the County of San Diego, and Diane Jacob's office, and the City of El Cajon for all the work done in the community.

TESTED AND READY!  Humbert Cabrera currently serves El Cajon as a Planning Commissioner



I grew up in El Cajon, went to school in El Cajon, raised my kids in El Cajon.  I stand out by understanding the local issues first hand rather than in theory.    I  feel the pains and the joys of the citizen, since I am one.

Five objectives :

1- Decrease the number of regulations and release the economic engine of business and jobs.


2- Community: Listen to our citizens.  Spending time being a businessman and El Cajon native,  I have been long involved in the life of my community, as a citizen, businessman, and a volunteer.  Together, we can overcome our obstacles.  "Why?  Because we are Americans".

Lifetime Politicians do not know how to remedy the injustice that is going on, as American's we can.


3- Rebuild El Cajon and make us proud to be the shining city in the valley as it once was.​  Through innovation, less regulation, supporting our schools, and listening to our citizens, and finding solutions for the homeless and working poor.


4- UNITED WE STAND.  we need to support each other, no matter race, or business, or job or police , for profit or non for profit.


5- Stand with the President